March 7, 2011

"Work In Progress" pieces


Last August I took part in a live art show at Full Circle Frameworks and Gallery here in Jackson Hole. It was called "Work In Progress" since all of the artists involved worked on pieces right at the show, in front of everyone. I was a little hesitant to participate at first, since I'm used to working on all of my stuff alone in my studio.. with only my wife occasionally looking over my shoulder. But I realized it would be a good thing to break out of my cave for a change and feel the pressure of a bunch of judging, prying eyeballs.

Well the show was super fun and I produced a piece that I was pretty happy with (the 2nd one above). I did prep the wood panel ahead of time by collaging all of the paper onto it at home, but then I brought my pens, pencils, markers, and tape to the show for all of the live doodling. A good friend (and patron) of ours ended up buying it right at the show, and commissioned a sister piece as well (that 1st one).. which I worked on at home, out of the public eye.


Andy Christofi Illustration said...

These are great! I'd like to try working on collaged paper myself.

Anonymous said...

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