January 23, 2011

Dwell - Art Collecting 101

It's been a while, I know. I'll be attempting to post more regularly this year (that's the plan, at least!). Just been a bit preoccupied with lots of work over the last 3 months, as well as getting prepared for the arrival of our first child! Our son, Parker, is due on the 10th of February.. which is coming up crazy fast. My wife and I are very excited to meet the little guy, and to put a face to all of those kicks, hiccups, and squirms that we've been seeing and feeling the past few months.

So along with the new responsibility of parenthood, I'm hoping to be more responsible with my blog posts. I'll just have to fit them in between diaper changes..

The images above are from the Dec/Jan issue of Dwell. It's probably still out on newsstands, but I still probably should have posted about this earlier. It's a pretty interesting article about the history of art collecting. You should be able to read the whole thing if you click on each image. The idea behind the opening spread illustrations was to show the context of art collecting over the years -- spanning from solely a luxury of the aristocratic class, to the public realm of museums & galleries, and finally onto normal people buying prints and even affordable originals on the internet. The other 3.. well, you should just read the article!

Brendan (the art director) and I wanted to have each illustration be done in a different style.. showing a good example of the range of art movements throughout the history of art collecting: Renaissance, Impressionism, Modern, Post-modern, as well as Futurism, Pop-art, and Digital.


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