April 7, 2009

"The {Sketch}book" vol. 01!!

"The {Sketch}book" is the first volume of a new series of books showcasing all of my favorite sketchbook pages. This first volume is a rather large compilation of 114 pages from multiple sketchbooks I've kept over the past nine years. I included the cover and 7 interior spreads, above, as examples.

I spent the last 2 months compiling images and designing the book in my free time, and am really happy with the results. Originally, I started creating the book as an addition to my larger portfolio of commissioned jobs and gallery work that gets shown around by my agents. But I realized that I could offer it up for sale, as well, to whomever would be interested.

For more info on purchasing a copy please click here: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/626123

If interested, I highly recommend getting the hardcover version, but there is also a cheaper softcover version available. Both options are 8" x 10", 114 pages, on Premium Paper. Keep in mind that these books will likely be a pretty limited run as they were not mass-produced for book stores. Each book ordered is professionally printed and bound on-demand, and shipped within about 8 days. Please email with any other questions: timtomkinson@mac.com


Andy said...

Hey tim! How do you apply your inks or watercolors over the pen drawings without ruining the quality of the line? Im a big fan, all the best.

Tim Tomkinson said...

Hey Andy,
If I'm using watercolor over the inked drawings, I'll just use light washes. With gouache, I tend to use mostly flat colors and sort of 'fill-in' between the lines, since it's opaque. Sometimes I use markers, which don't affect the line quality at all.
With the pencil drawings, I tend to put the color down first, if at all, with either watercolor or gouache. Thanks for asking!
- Tim

Andy said...

Thanks alot! im taking illustration at uni and its great to hear from my favourate illustrator! thanks again.

Tim Tomkinson said...

No problem! Thanks for the kind words. Oh, and it probably goes without saying.. but I also use WATERPROOF inks — mostly Microns and Uniballs.