January 30, 2009

Key Arena Illustrations

These are the illustrations I did in December for the Key Arena in the Seattle Center. The concepts were conceived and approved before I even got involved, so I was basically executing existing ideas. They printed as large banners for a section of the arena that seems to be a KeyBank-branded sort of lounge area. Not sure if they actually serve any sort of refreshments there, but there are stools & tables as well as banking kiosks. If I make it to Seattle any time soon, I'll have to investigate it further. It would be interesting to see if you can actually mix some beer drinking with your banking.. seems pretty obvious that the two should go together!

They also used the campaign ads I made for mags and billboards around the perimeter of the lounge area. And they even used the wallpaper pattern I created for the TV spots on some portions of the walls, which is kind of cool. Check out some pics below that Key Bank sent to me:


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