August 11, 2008

Key Bank TV spot - "Remodel"


This is the first of five TV spots for the Key Bank campaign I've been working on all summer (which I mentioned in the last couple of posts). Digital Kitchen is the amazing motion graphics team that animated all of the artwork, and actually came up with each visual storyline. And Cramer-Krasselt is the forward-thinking ad agency that hired us. My endless thanks go out to Noel Ritter and Lorraine Harkins (the art director and art buyer at CK, respectively) for hiring me to work on this great project. And another thank you to Anthony Vitagliano -- Digital Kitchen's creative director for the project -- and his team, for making my artwork come to life!

The first 3 spots just started airing in target markets this past Friday, so if you're in Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Boise, Seattle/Tacoma/Puget Sound, Portland (OR), or Hudson Valley (NY), you may just see one of them pop up in the middle of your favorite shows..

I'm still working on the last spot -- due next Tuesday -- so I don't really have time to post much info about these as of yet. But I will post more in-depth comments on each one later. You can go to the Digital Kitchen website for a full list of credits:


jerryd said...

you can see much larger versions of all three here:

very nice work!

stephanie said...

so funny.
must have been loads of work.

Ester said...

that is an awesome project. It came together so seemless, and look beautiful! Great work!!

Alekos Alexakis said...

Man I ve been looking up your work for the last couple of years. I am really impressed to see your awesome drawing style coming to life. Keep up the Good work.

Tim Tomkinson said...

thank you for the comments! and yes, stephanie, the whole campaign was about 6 months of work crammed into 3 months..

maymay said...

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