June 25, 2008

Men's Journal & Update

I know I haven't posted in about a month. But it's not for lack of work.. quite the opposite. I'm not sure if I've ever been quite this busy. I landed a big ad campaign for Key Bank, which has me creating all of the artwork for 5 different TV spots as well as the artwork for print ads and billboards / bus stops. The artwork for the spots will be animated by a motion graphics team. And all of this work will need to be finished by mid-August. More on this job later..
So in addition to starting this job, I managed to create a portrait of Morgan Freeman (above, on stands now) and Dennis Hopper (next month's issue), another 2 portraits for Spirit Magazine (will post those later), and about 10 icons for Death & Co.'s new menu.
Also out this month, a couple illos I did for Runner's World in early May. I'll post those later too...


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