May 16, 2008

"The Scarlet Ibis" rum label

I designed this label/logo for my friend Dave Kaplan, owner of Death & Co. (see last post), for a rum he had produced. Here's what said about it:
"Boozing up the maxim "If you want something done right...," Manhattan cocktail den Death & Co has crafted its own brand of rum. Dubbed Scarlet Ibis—after Trinidad's national bird—the versatile 98-proof tipple can be mixed into citrus drinks and Manhattan-style concoctions with equal aplomb. To produce it, Death's Dave Kaplan enlisted importer Haus Alpenz to help him scour the Caribbean for a round-bodied, dry-finish spirit with a full burnt-caramel note. He settled upon a three-rum, 150-proof Trinidadian blend (hence the name), which he then cut with a hydrometer and good old NYC tap. Better yet, the bar isn't keeping it for itself—watering holes and retailers on both coasts have picked it up.
About $26, available in NYC at Grayz, the JakeWalk, and Elettaria; in San Francisco at Alembic, Absinthe, Bourbon & Branch, Forbidden Island, Slanted Door, and Flora; in Berkeley at Wine Commune; and in Washington, D.C., at Central Liquors;"
We had a very short period of time to get this thing designed (basically 2 days), and had some serious limitations put on us by the importer. I was hoping for special paper, offset printing, and foil stamping, but the labels ended up being printed digitally (far from ideal). I painted the bird in the background (a scarlet ibis) in gouache - If you see the actual label it ended up printing too pale and grayed out. But whatever.. the rum tastes great! I think you can also get it at Astor Liquor in NY, by the way..


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